This Restored Series 3 Land Rover Has Corvette Guts

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And a manual transmission.

The biggest Land Rover restoration company in the world just unveiled its latest project, Project Overload. It's based on a 1972 Land Rover Defender Series 3 that's been totally redone in factory-fresh spec. Well, except for one thing. A really big LS3 V8 engine. At least the owner can say it's faster than it was.

ECD Automotive Design is the company, and they, if you haven't guessed, have been doing this for a while. They're pretty much who you go to for Land Rover restomods. They are to Land Rover what Singer is to Porsche. And this car is no different, with co-founder Tom Humble calling Project Overload "a fusion of classic style and subtle modern elements that is sure to thrill any Land Rover enthusiast." We'd say the V8 helps a lot, but that could just be us.

ECD Automotive Design ECD Automotive Design ECD Automotive Design

As great as a V8-powered Series 3 Defender sounds, this one looks even better. The paint is called "Dark Bronze Green" and still keeps the majority of the silver or chrome accents you'd find on a totally unrestored Series 3. Well, except for the rust on a totally unrestored example. Moreover, that huge silver roof rack is actually an original factory option, one of many things kept period-correct. Thankfully, modern A/T tires sit on factory 16-inch wheels. Old tires and cold tires are certainly something you'll want to avoid with that big V8.

Speaking of, the mighty LS3 V8 produces 430 hp and is hooked to one of the all-time great transmissions- a T56 Magnum. The suspension was also totally redone with Fox shocks and EBC brakes. It's even got modern air-conditioning, not that you'll need it with the hardtop roof working to funnel scavenged air into the cabin.

ECD Automotive Design ECD Automotive Design ECD Automotive Design

Of course, what's a restomod without a redone interior and some modern touches? New leather upholstery was added with diamond hand-stitched patterning woven into the seating surface. ECD removed the third front seat in favor of a center console and installed a Pioneer head unit with Bluetooth to help modernize things a little. As perfect as a Series 3 gets? Maybe. But one hell of a way to use an LS3 V8? Absolutely. We'd take this over a new Land Rover Range Rover all day long. Pricing was not provided.

ECD Automotive Design ECD Automotive Design ECD Automotive Design ECD Automotive Design

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