This Retro BMW Concept Is The Perfect Blend Of Old And New


Would you want one if they made it?

About a year ago, auto rendering artist David Obendorfer created a special BMW design called the Concept CS Vintage that paid homage to 1968 E9 series BMWs by blending classic design features with modern design cues from the BMW 6 Series. The talented rendering artist has now created an updated volume of the Concept CS with a newly released video that gives an up close and detailed look of the awesome retro designs in his project. The second volume of the Concept focuses heavily on elements inspired by the 1965 BMW 2000 CS (E120 series).

According to the artist, "The BMW CS vintage concept is based on the 6 series platform; the style, despite numerous citations from the past, is substantially contemporaneous with updated proportions and with modern details, many of which are influenced by nautical styling solutions."

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