This Retro Ferrari 288 GTO Is Your Ticket To Happiness

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Ferrari just has to build it first.

There's no question the Ferrari 288 GTO is one of the most desirable Ferraris out there. Just 272 examples were built starting in 1984 until 1987. Needless to say, they're not cheap. If you're not prepared to pay over $3 million (at least) then you might as well forget about it. There's even competition amongst wealthy collectors to get their hands on one. However, some deep-pocketed Ferrari owners have discovered another way to own their Italian-built dream machine without the hassle of having to maintain an older vehicle that requires an absurd level of maintenance.

That method is the bespoke order. It's an opportunity for people to have the Ferrari of their dreams with all kinds of design influences. We've seen past examples of this over the years and there's even a new rumor a Ferrari SF90 Stradale-based F40 tribute is on the way.

Valentino Rajan/Behance Valentino Rajan/Behance

If so, why can't the same happen for the 288 GTO? That's exactly what talented rendering artist Valentino Rajan, via Behance, thought. What you're looking at is a theoretical design of what a reborn 288 GTO could look like. Because the original is mid-engined, its modern-day counterpart would have to be as well. This leaves two current models as possible donor cars: the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and F8 Tributo. The former obviously would enable a hybrid supercar, which is definitely an attractive notion for some.

Valentino Rajan/Behance Valentino Rajan/Behance Valentino Rajan/Behance

And like the original, this new vision has more angled styling. The pronounced wheel arches even remind us of a reborn Lancia Stratos. Its massive rear wing, however, wasn't something found on the original 288 GTO road car, but it still looks pretty darn cool.

Other cool styling elements include front winglets, LED daytime running lights, and the must-have pop-up headlights. If there really was such a reborn 288 GTO customer request, there's no guarantee Ferrari would accept the job unless it knew for sure it could deliver. It has a reputation to maintain, after all. But we really like what we see here and Ferrari has a long history of taking on challenging projects.

Valentino Rajan/Behance Valentino Rajan/Behance Valentino Rajan/Behance
Source Credits: Behance

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