This Retro Review of the 1986 BMW 325e and 635CSi Will Make You Want Both


Ah yes, the days before fancy engine electronics and computer driving aids.

Before dual-clutch transmissions. Before all of those other fancy electronic driving aids, there were true driver-focused BMWs. Not that today's BMWs are bad things, but some driving purists have felt let down by the German automaker lately. Recorded engine sounds played through the car's stereo? Yep, BMW is doing that. But there was a time when the "Ultimate Driving Machine" mantra was completely true. Welcome to the year 1986 and this retro review episode by MotorWeek.

Now, don't laugh too much at the way the show is presented. That's part of its charm. Instead focus on the cars, a 1986 325e and 635CSi. To us, those are the BMWs we remember best, especially that old 6 Series. Absolutely beautiful.


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