This Revolutionary Tech Makes The Unlikeliest Spot On Your Car More Aerodynamic

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The wind gods have spoken and no car will remain the same.

Anyone who has thrown a paper airplane in class has found out that aerodynamics play a huge factor in performance. Luckily, automotive engineers were airplane-throwing goofs. Every new model seems to feature new aerodynamic technology to optimize fuel economy or get top-of-the-line performance. Automakers have even designed active aero systems that change to best suit the aerodynamic needs of the car, but it has taken until now to for the aero obsession to make it to tires.

Yokohama has just announced that it has successfully completed research on a type of technology that involves placing fins on the sidewall of the tire to reduce drag and improve fuel economy. Yokohama claims that this technology will soon be put into production. With automakers fighting for every extra mpg and racing teams striving to knock off every tenth of a second possible, we wouldn't be surprised to see this technology appear on race cars and passenger cars in the next few years. Unfortunately for the bling-savvy, sidewall fins may take away from the aesthetics of shiny 22-inch rims.

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