This Rolls is Halfway Ready to be a NYC Taxicab

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On display in Abu Dhabi, looks just about ready for the Bronx.

While Rolls-Royces may not be the most uncommon sight in the streets of the United Arab Emirates, there must be better ways of getting people's attention than buying a urine-stained Ghost. Just look at this two-toned Rolls: one of the world's finest automobiles, built with the utmost attention to every detail of craftsmanship, the company's bespoke department allows prospective owners to create the Rolls of their dreams.

And this, apparently, was someone's dream. Check out this English White/Semaphore Yellow Rolls-Royce Ghost, on display at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Abu Dhabi Motors. Maybe there's no accounting for taste, but somebody should be made to pay for making this car look like a taxicab experiment gone bad. At least it has a slightly better interior in Crème light and Black Contrast.

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