This Saleen S7 on the Dyno Will Make Your Day Better

Ever wondered what 2,200 horsepower sounds like?

Just so that we’re clear, this is a tuned Saleen S7. This thing ain’t stock. In fact, it’s ridiculously tuned to the point that it produces 2,200 horsepower. Interestingly, whoever uploaded this video claims the car is all-wheel drive and for anyone who’s familiar with Saleens will know they’re rear-wheel-drive. This could be nothing more than an error, or whoever was nuts enough to give this S7 that much horsepower may be equally bonkers to add an AWD drive system.

Whatever the truth is, we’re still in awe of what 2,200 ponies sounds like. At one point it’s as if the car may even explode. Watch and enjoy.

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