This Scary SUV Crash Looks Like A Hollywood Stunt

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It's fortunate that the SUV didn't rollover into oncoming highway traffic.

As this harrowing dash cam clip from Australia shows, it's an unfortunate fact that SUVs are more likely to rollover in a crash due to their top-heavy design and high center of gravity. The driver of this SUV slams into the back of a MINI Cabriolet on a tolled stretch of highway in Melbourne, and the impact causes it to rollover multiple times before coming to a rest on the median strip. The dramatic accident is so spectacular it could easily pass as a Hollywood stunt with the MINI acting as a launch ramp, but what's important is that everyone walked away.

The circumstances of the accident aren't very clear. You can see the driver of the SUV brake and swerve to avoid the MINI, so it's possible that it slowed down suddenly in the fast lane in front of the SUV and the driver couldn't stop in time. Either that, or the SUV driver simply wasn't concentrating when he rear-ended the convertible.

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What's scary is how the SUV very nearly rolls into the path of oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway – if that had happened, this crash could have easily caused several casualties, or even fatalities.

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