This Screaming Liberty Walk GT-R Even Turns Heads In Monaco

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It's got the looks and the sound, but can it actually perform?

In a city-state that prides itself as being the automotive capital of the world, where hypercar makers unite to show off their latest creations to discerning buyers, it must be somewhat underwhelming to try and get some attention in your Nissan GT-R. But this owner was certainly not willing to throw in the towel that easily. His Nissan has been modified to turn heads at any cost: with a wide body Liberty Walk kit, a massive rear wing and a screaming custom exhaust, his GT-R is intent on grabbing the attention of the city's very rough crowd.

Unfortunately, it seems that this banging sound and outrageous design are the only modifications over the stock car. But is that enough to make this a Monaco-worthy ride?

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