This Semi-Truck Rig Can Drift Like Hell

A drifting semi-truck rig does donuts, burns rubber and smashes through a block of glass as a man stands on top.

What you’re about to see can easily be described as epic. Chances are you’ve never witnessed a semi-truck rig drift, let alone one that smashes through a block of glass with a guy standing on top. That’s exactly what happens in this new video from the folks over at Becx-TDS Racing. Filmed in Germany, this rig has 1,100 horsepower and is piloted by Michiel Becx himself. Aside from the glass collision, Becx drifts, burns rubber, does donuts and even shreds some tires.

Driving a semi-truck rig takes skill no matter what but this is something else entirely. Perhaps the best moment is at the 1:20 mark just as the semi prepares to destroy the glass.

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