This Sexy Little Stunner Is The Z4 Coupe We All Want BMW To Build

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With looks like that and a manual hiding under the hardtop roof, it's too good to resist.

Rendering artist X-Tomi Design never skips a beat. It seems that the moment a new car drops, especially one with as much as a shred of enthusiast credibility, they are already on the job, taking release images and contorting them into shapes that all gearheads would love to see whether realistic or not. X-Tomi most recently remade the Honda Fit and gave it a Type R treatment, turning it into one of the most practical hot hatches on the market and a perfect way to appeal to speed-seeking city dwellers.

Now their pen has graced the all-new BMW Z4 concept to make a pretty and plausible design that actually has a chance at coming to life. Take the time to look over the BMW Z4 Coupe Concept and enjoy it because though the base of the car remains the same, the rooftop changes quite a lot about the car. While the Z4 retains a front end that looks ready to challenge anything coming its way, it no longer looks bottom-heavy like a computer mouse. Neither does it look top-heavy for that matter with the bulge in the rounded roof striking a perfect balance between lightweight but imposing enough to elevate the Z4's visual weight. X-Tomi's design seems to have borrowed from the camouflaged images we've seen of the Toyota Supra.

That's smart because if BMW is already sharing a platform and engines with the Toyota, it may as well borrow the roof as well to cut costs while achieving maximum sexy. If enthusiasts had to choose between the two, it'd probably be the coupe Z4 because it would be more stiff and weigh less. An M version would obviously be the most welcome, but given that we know the Z4 will already have an optional manual transmission, it's best we stay thankful for what we've already gotten before pushing it too far. Besides, BMW already took its chances cannibalizing the M4's sales when it built the M2, so why risk hurting both the M4 and upcoming M8's bottom line with an M-ified Z4? Of course, we like risk and think BMW needs to take it.

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