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This Shelby Cobra Continuation Car Is Named After A Racing Legend

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Only 50 of these limited edition Shelby continuation cars are being built.

The Cobra hasn't been in production by Shelby American for some time now, but its legacy lives on in the form of officially licensed continuation cars made by Superperformance under the name of Shelby Legendary Cars. And now there's a new limited edition model being built to honor former American racing driver Bob Bondurant, one of Shelby's most successful drivers in the 1960s. He's famous for running the Bondurant Racing School and for winning the first and only FIA GT title in a Shelby Cobra.

"That achievement has never been matched by another American carmaker," said president of Shelby American Gary Patterson. "This glorious history is one of the many reasons that Shelby still offers the iconic Cobras and Daytonas today. Our Cobras are extremely fast, very engaging to drive and retain classic good looks that still turn heads fifty years after winning it all. Given their rarity, the Shelbys offer instant collectability." "I'm very proud to have been behind the wheel when we won the FIA World Championship on July 4, 1965," said Bob Bondurant. "That victory was for everyone in America.

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I loved driving any version of the Shelby Cobra, from taking a roadster up a tough hill climb to hitting close to 200 mph in a Coupe on one of the high-speed tracks. The Shelby American team was incredible as they made the Shelby Cobra a dominating racecar." Limited to only 50 examples made to order, Superformance's tribute car is based on the CSX2345 roadster raced by Bondurant which enjoyed five first-place wins. Available with either an aluminum or fiberglass body, it's a faithful recreation with historically-accurate original leaf spring suspension, a raked windshield, diagonal roll bar, laid-back windscreen, and even a driver's door knee-pad and, high beam activation switch.

There's also a Bondurant edition Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe variant with historically-accurate leaf spring suspensions, tube frames, and thin wooden-rimmed steering wheels. It also features modernized disc brakes, updated with strengthened frames and a racing interior. Both continuation cars are being sold as kit cars minus the engine and transmission. Buyers can choose from a variety of liveries replicating cars driven by Bondurant during his racing career. Both cars will be unveiled this week at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. Unsurprisingly, a historically accurate AC Cobra continuation named after a legendary racing driver doesn't come cheap.

Prices start at $149,995 for the fiberglass roadster, $249,995 for the aluminum version, and $289,995 for an FIA-spec track version. The Daytona Coupe is even more expensive, starting at $394,995 – though you do also get a free driver training day at Bondurant Racing School in Arizona to sweeten the deal.