This Shelby Mustang EcoBoost Has To Be The Worst Deal Of The Century

$24K gets you 25 more hp and new paint.

The Ford Mustangmay be the best-selling sports car for this year, but the 2016 Shelby MustangEcoBoost isn’t going to help the automaker’s cause. Shelby American has justreleased modifications for the Mustang EcoBoost, which includes both visual andmechanical upgrades. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine has been fitted with a modifiedECU and a custom sports exhaust system for a total of 335 hp. That’s anincrease of just 25 hp! We understand that getting more power out of a vehicle isdifficult, but couldn’t Shelby have done a little bit more for that price?

Another major performance package includes the Track Handlingpackage that aids in the vehicle's handling. All of the performance parts on the Shelby Mustang EcoBoost add up to approximately$4,000, so the rest is all for looks. The sports car comeswith a body kit that includes a carbon fiber front splitter, carbon fiber sideskirts, and a carbon fiver hood. To complement the carbon fiber parts, thereare Shelby GT stripes and badges, as well as 20-inch Weld Racing wheels. Shelbyhasn’t done much on the inside besides adding Shelby floor mats, Shelby sillplates, Shelby embroidered headrests, along with a dashboard plaque. Unbelievably, Shelby retains the parts that come off of your Mustang, which makes this the worst upgrade ever.

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