This Singer Bought A Ford GT Without Ever Having Owned Or Driven A Ford


This is sure to rile the "real" enthusiasts who missed out on the supercar.

Scottish singer Amy Macdonald is one of the lucky 500 people Ford has selected to be owners of the new GT supercar. Macdonald, a noted gearhead who owns both a Ferrari 458 Speciale and a 488 GTB, spoke with Top Gear Magazine about her "accidental" GT ownership, revealing a bit more about the automaker's ultra-secretive ordering process. For starters, Macdonald had never even driven a Ford before applying for a GT. That revelation is sure to piss off the people who thought "real" fans of the brand were shafted in favor of celebrities.

"I've never even driven a Ford before, but I got swept up in the hullabaloo. Every magazine, every website, anybody with any interest in cars, they were all totally excited about the Ford GT. So I thought I'd apply, never in a million years expecting to get one. I'm pretty much an accidental Ford GT owner," the singer revealed to Top Gear. Despite being famous Amy Macdonald still had to complete the ownership application like everyone else, a process she likened to "applying for a job." Despite having never owned or driven a Ford Macdonald received a congratulatory email one early morning a few months back. After that celebratory email another was sent, this one explaining the ordering and specification process.

It also said that 50% of the sticker price needed to be paid up front. Macdonald, like the other 499 people who received Ford's GT follow-up email, was thrown for a loop. "But 50 per cent of what? It's even more mysterious than dealing with Ferrari. Most people would be going, 'I want it now, I want it now!' But I'm happy to wait. It might be crazy money, and I think I need to wait for my album to come out…," she said. Despite owning two Ferraris and a GT the singer still isn't satisfied with her garage. After taking a spin in the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with Bugatti boss Wolfgang Durheimer the Chiron popped up on her radar. Lucky for her there are still quite a few Chirons awaiting buyers. Ferrari garage photos from @amy_macdonald on Instagram.

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