This Sinister And Ultra Rare Ferrari F12 Is Not For The Meek Or The Broke

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Exclusivity has a price, but this supercar delivers the goods.

In 1987, Gordon Gekko highlighted Wall Street's guiding philosophy with the phrase "greed is good." Greed, according to Gekko, is a liberator and a unifying logic that cuts through bureaucracy and yields results, one of which seems to be Spanish tuner Bengala's newest project. Without greed, a custom car like this wouldn't exist. After all, it requires a bottomless pit of desire to see a Ferrari F12 and think that it's missing something. But even though greed motivated the creation of this custom project we're not complaining and doubt anyone else is.

Bengala is using the new F12 Caballería to introduce its top-tier Privilege Program, designed for customers who see a Mansory and cringe. Not that the F12 Caballería is subdued. To build this car, Bengala stripped every body panel off of the F12 and replaced it with its own carbon fiber body kit. The aggressive lines baked into the car using an autoclave are taken from the styling of Ferrari's own GT3 cars. Aside from a small spiel on how the F12 Caballería is aimed to entice buyers from a higher (read: wealthier) realm, Bengala didn't do much under the hood. Or at least that's what we're gathering from the fact that it omitted any other technical details about the car.

Still, the sonorous 6.3-liter V12 and all 730 of its galloping horses are nothing to feel bad about. If anything, the weight savings that the body panels should deliver could help amp up the power-to-weight ratio. No mention of price has been made but if you don't already have a few Ferraris in the garage, it's probably not in your range. To help justify what is sure to be an exorbitant cost, Bengala is keeping the F12 Caballería fairly exclusive. Only 10 models will ever be built, all of which will be complete by the summer of 2017. Subsequent Privilege Program vehicles will follow at the rate of one model per year with about 5-10 versions of each.

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