This Sinister Land Rover Defender SVX Starred In A James Bond Movie

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If you want to feel like a Bond villain, this is the off-roader for you.

Car enthusiasts will remember the last James Bond film "Spectre" for the bespoke cars that were created specifically for the film by manufacturers. Bond drove an exquisite Aston Martin DB10, a concept car that paved the way for the DB11 grand tourer, which was chased by a Jaguar C-X75 through the night time streets of Rome. Sadly, the C-X75 never went into production, dashing our hopes for a successor to the XJ220 hypercar. It wasn't the only custom car JLR supplied for the film, however.

A heavily customized Land Rover Defender also starred in one of the film's action scenes - one of which is heading to auction. 10 Land Rover Defenders were supplied by Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations for the film. However, since the Defender was driven by the seedy Spectre organization in the film, the producers turned to tuning and racing specialists Bowler to make it more menacing. The result was the SVX Concept, also known as the Spectre Defender. Starting as crew-cab 110s in Santorini Black, Bowler fitted beefy 37-inch tires, which were bolted directly to the bead-lock wheels resulting in a better ride than the standard Defender.

The suspension was upgraded with rose joints and Bilstein rally dampers built to Bowler race specification, and a full rollcage was fitted along with Recaro seats with a four-point harness. The engine received a power upgrade from 120-hp to 185-hp. Many of the Defenders were damaged during filming, but this example is in "perfect condition" because it was only used for drive-by shots. After filming, it was sold to a private owner who bought it directly from Bowler. RM Sotheby is listing the Spectre Defender without a reserve price. Granted, the Spectre Defender isn't as desirable as the DB10 or, but Defenders are hiking in value since its demise in 2016, so expect this example to sell for a high price.

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Incidentally, the 25th James Bond film has been slated for a 2019 release this week, so we can't help but wonder what Bond will drive next and if Daniel Craig will reprise his role.

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