This Six-Wheeled Dodge Power Wagon Is Begging To Be Driven Up A Building

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It's all torque here.

When it comes to restomods, there really are no limits as to what can be done. Well, perhaps the only limit is one's budget. In any case, we typically see restomods that consist of muscle cars, hot rods, and the like. But not this time. No, what you're about to see is a 1942 Dodge Power Wagon, which has been given new life thanks to the folks at Wyoming-based Legacy Classic Trucks. And as you immediately noticed, this thing is a massive 6x6 truck that's essentially a torque beast.

It could pull a barn up alongside a building without much of a problem. Powered by a turbo four-cylinder Cummins diesel and paired to a five-speed manual, this truck was actually a US army vehicle in World War II. But after years of neglect, only its chassis remained. Until now. The completed restomod has now made its way straight to Jay Leno's Garage.

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