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This Skoda Superb Is The Armored VW Passat Wagon We Can't Get

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As if the absence of a Passat wagon wasn't already sad enough.

It's been some time since Volkswagen has offered a Passat wagon in the US. Which is a bit of a shame already, but this only makes us pine for one even more. Skoda in the UK has developed an armored wagon version of its flagship Superb – which is basically a bigger version of the Passat, with a Czech badge on the nose. It's been three years in the making, and protects its occupants against bullet and bomb blasts. Which is more than you could say for your run-of-the-mill Passat.

The automaker's British team worked with an independent specialist in the UK to bring this car to market, fitting it with bullet-proof glass and high-strength steel and composite armor to bring it up to the PAS 300 standard for ballistic and bomb protection.

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It also features emergency lighting, run-flat tires, and an upgraded suspension to deal with the added weight involved. The armored wagon is based on the Superb Estate with the 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine providing 190 metric horsepower of motivation. Unfortunately we can't get one in the United States, but interested parties can pick one up in the UK for a whopping £118,688. That's about $158,000 at current exchange rates, making this easily the most expensive vehicle that Skoda offers – or significantly more than a fully loaded Audi S8 Plus.