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This Slow Selling Honda Has Just Been Killed Off

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It was screwed from the start.

Honda has finally decided to pull the plug on its slow selling Crosstour. The existence of the wagon, formerly known as the Accord Crosstour, has always been a mystery. We wondered what the hell Honda was thinking making a wagon on the old Accord platform, and apparently consumers did too. It just never caught on, with its best sales year coming all the way back in 2010 when 28,851 units were moved. The Crosstour hasn't come close to that mark in recent years.

The Crosstour seemed doomed from the start with its odd design making it look like a stunted CUV or a sedan with a tumor. The fact that it could be so long and only offer two rows of seats didn't help matters much. It also cost more than an Accord and CRV despite offering no discernable advantages over either, unless you like people pointing and laughing at you on the road. The Crosstour should serve as a cautionary tale for other automakers: If you're going to release a wagon don't half-ass it.

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