Special BMW M2 Competition Celebrates World Cup

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Despite the German national team already losing a match. Hey, at least they beat Sweden.

The 2018 World Cup is currently underway and, unfortunately for fans of the German national team, one match has already been lost (against Mexico). But BMW still wants to mark the World Cup tournament itself by introducing this one-off M2 Competition coupe fitted with several M Performance parts and a unique livery. The red and gold decals ideally compliment the black exterior, proudly displaying Germany's national colors. But the decals are really just a small add-on; the real showcase are the numerous BMW M Performance parts.

The hood, rear wing and rear diffuser are made of carbon fiber. There big 19-inch Y-spoke 763 M light-alloy wheels painted in Jet Black and an identical pair in Frozen Gold. There's one black and one gold-painted wheel front and rear for a cool alternating look.

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The interior also received a number of upgrades, including an M Performance steering wheel with a 12 o'clock mark and Alcantara trim. The gear selector switch and hand brake handle come in open-pored Frozen Carbon, while the footrest features an M logo and the two foot pedals are made of stainless steel. No changes were made under the hood and, honestly, there's little reason for doing so since power comes from a turbocharged inline-six that based on the engine found in the larger M3/M4. Total output is 405 hp and a 0-62 mph time of 4.2 seconds with the dual-clutch transmission (4.4 with the six-speed manual). No official pricing announced but all of the M Performance parts are available right now. Up to you if you want to display some national colors.

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