This Special Edition Challenger Costs More Than The Hellcat, But Is It Faster?

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Hopefully you end up getting what you pay for.

Taking your Challenger SRT Hellcat down to the drag strip is all well and good, but if you want to throw down some truly crazy quarter-mile times then the Mopar Drag Pak is what you need. Those who follow Dodge's every move will remember that a prototype version of the Drag Pak dropped late last year. This is the real deal, as in so real it's not even street-legal. Seriously. Let's start at the beginning, as in under the hood where two engines are on offer.


You get two HEMI V8s: a naturally aspirated 426 or a supercharged 354. The engine you pick determines your Challenger's graphics, so keep that in mind. Outside the Drag Pak sort of looks like a normal ride, save for the chubby rear tires. Inside is where the drag-focus is turned up to 10. There's an NHRA-approved roll cage, lightweight racing seats, a ridiculously awesome shift lever that allows you to go forward in three different gears and enough gauges and buttons to blow your mind. Official power specs haven't been released yet, so we don't exactly know what the Challenger Drag Pak is working with. We do know it won't come cheap. You'll need $99,426 for the 426 and $109,354 for the supercharged 354.

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