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This Sporty Hyundai N Roadster Needs To Happen

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Sadly, there’s little chance of it ever going into production.

Hyundai's N performance division is making a name for itself with the Veloster N hot hatch. With its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder producing 275 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, high-flow dual exhaust, and sporty styling, the Veloster N is a formidable rival to the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST.

The next Hyundai N performance model will reportedly be based on the Tucson SUV, but what if the Korean automaker decided to make a roadster sports car? Artist Yeonjoon Park has designed a render to show what a Hyundai N Roadster could look like if it was given the green light. Based on this stunning design, we would love to see Hyundai N turn it into a reality.

At the front, the N Roadster's front fascia seems to have been lifted from the Veloster but with larger intakes added to the corner to give it a sportier look. The side profile features air ducts behind the front wheels to keep the brakes cool, while the long hood is reminiscent of the Audi TT.

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The artist's vision of the N Roadster also features a hard roof ideal for colder conditions, although a soft top would make the car lighter and more nimble to handle. A small rear wing completes the hypothetical Hyundai N Roadster's sleek design.

Sadly, the chances of Hyundai N putting a roadster into production is extremely unlikely. The automaker hasn't shown any intention to enter the roadster market, and demand for sports cars is declining. From a business perspective, it makes a lot more sense for Hyundai to enter the performance SUV segment and launch an N version of the Tuscon.