This SSC Ultimate Aero May Be The Cheapest Way To Go 250 MPH

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Remember SSC? Yeah, now there's one for sale.

Shelby SuperCars, or SSC, has just made its triumphant return to the supercar world with the 1,750 horsepower Tuatara that debuted at Pebble Beach. We've already had a detailed look at the car's incredible twin-turbo V8 engine, which should help it smash the current top speed production car record. The Tuatara should be a worthy adversary to speed kings like the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Agera, but we wanted to look back on the car that helped launch SSC: the Ultimate Aero. One of the 24 cars ever produced has come up for sale, and it may actually be a bargain.

When it was new, the Ultimate Aero would set you back a whopping $740,000. For that, you were getting a car with a twin-turbo Corvette-derived V8 producing a whopping 1,287 hp and 1,112 lb-ft of torque. With that massive grunt and a streamlined body, the Ultimate Aero was capable of hitting 257 mph as confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records. The car was later dethroned as the fastest car in the world by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports.

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A Veyron will still set you back a few million dollars, but the Ultimate Aero can now be yours for just $225,000. A 2010 example is up for sale on the DuPont Registry with just 1,400 miles from new. The SSC lacks the brand recognition and craftsmanship of Bugatti, but it may end up being a cult classic for kids who grew up in the mid-2000s and knew this car as being one of the fastest in the world.

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