This Stock-Engine Audi R8 Makes 1,300 HP

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And it can do a 60-foot in less than 1.3 seconds.

If you have any doubts of the potential that a Lamborghini Huracan or Audi R8 have when it comes to drag racing, you may want to have a look at AMS Performance's record-shattering, 3,000-horsepower Alpha Omega. "But Carbuzz", we hear you mumble, "cars like that have heavily reinforced engines and, if you throw enough money at even an Italian motor, you can make it seriously capable."

Sure, that's true. But what you may not know is that, even in stock form, the 5.2-liter V10 in the Huracan and R8 is remarkably resilient. Don't believe us? Watch as this R8, with 1,300 horses, launches itself to 60 feet in just 1.29 seconds.

That Racing Channel via YouTube

So far, the only cars we've known to be capable of such insane acceleration are those like Tesla's Roadster, but that car doesn't even exist yet and the math behind its 0-60-mph claim is very complex. In the above video, there is no hypothetical calculation to be made - you can just watch the timing equipment confirm the astonishing run.

The car was built by T1 Race Development near Dallas, Texas, and the tuner's goal was to see just how far the standard engine could go before upgraded internals would be needed. It features AMS Performance's twin-turbo kit, Sheepey Race intake manifolds, and T1's in-house fuel system that is still being developed. A MoTeC ECU handles all the fine-tuning, and the gearbox has been upgraded by ShepTrans too.

That Racing Channel via YouTube
That Racing Channel via YouTube

The usual suspension and tire enhancements have been made too, and these changes have resulted in car that can do the quarter-mile in the low 8-second bracket. Oh, and that 1,300-hp output is made at the wheels, so the motor is surely under serious strain.

We don't doubt that the engine will experience a breakage soon enough - after all, T1 doesn't seem like the kind of tuner to stop once a certain goal has been achieved. When that day comes, we expect to see the motor overhauled with stronger pistons, connecting rods, valves, and more. We can't wait to see what it does then.

That Racing Channel via YouTube
That Racing Channel via YouTube

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