This Stolen Audi TT Was Being Used For WHAT?!


The neon color might have attracted the thieves’ attention.

It’s not often that you see a sports car being used asa medical response vehicle. They’ve got the speed to get to the site of an emergencyvery quickly, which is an obvious advantage if you’re dealing with urgentmedical care. On the other hand, space would seem to be an issue. At leastthat’s what we thought before seeing this audaciously designed Audi TT withlarge banners across the side reading “MEDICAL RESPONSE” and “EMERGENCYAMBULANCE.”

It’s a pretty badass idea for two-seater fans (the TTtechnically has four seats the two in the rear are comically small), but thisneck-turner just attracted a very bad sort of attention. Yesterday, the doctorwho drives this oddball ambulance was just finishing up a house call when hewas attacked by three thugs. They stole the doctor’s watch, grabbed hiscar keys and took off with the fairly new and fairly expensive ride.The local police were quick to tweet apicture of the car and ask anyone with information to come forward. Accordingto the police, this was considered a “violent robbery,” and the original photowas shared so many places over the Internet that it was miraculously foundabandoned today.

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The police just announced (via @ShomrimOfficial) that“The stolen vehicle has just been found in a pub car park in Newham. Thanks forall your retweets.” At this point, we don’t know how much damage was done bythe morons who stole this extremely noticeable German two-door, but at leastone gearhead doctor has got to be thrilled that his sporty ambulance was found. The thieves haven't been caught yet, but they'd be hard pressed to screw up the TT as much as this owner did.