This Straight-Piped Ferrari F12 N-Largo Is The Best Sounding Ferrari Out There

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Bar. Friggin'. None.

Why on Earth a 6.3-liter V12 engine from Ferrari needs any help in the noise department is beyond us, but if there's something to take away from the any man's land of aftermarket tuning, it's that demand for crazy is alive and well. Novitec is a famous purveyor of that and if you need any evidence, take a peep at the Ferrari 488 GTB it's just butchered for the sake of sin. The main difference between the 488 N-Largo and this F12 N-Largo is most obvious when giving each car some throttle.

Novitec's custom exhaust specialists meddle with fire, wind, metal, and petroleum byproducts to give a Ferrari the soundtrack of gods, but even they struggled with the turbocharged 488 GTB. Their hands were completely untied when it came to the F12, however, all because there are no turbines chopping up the sound waves in exchange for horsepower.

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Yell "there's no replacement for displacement" all you want, but your cries will be drowned out by the F12 N-Largo's angry roar, leaching the life out of onlookers and leaving them without eardrums and in a puddle of their own piss and drool. Think we're being dramatic? Then you obviously haven't pressed play yet. That shrill V12 battle cry doesn't even think about being modest like the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 behind it. It just clears its throat and lets everyone know who the real boss is. Skip around to the scenes where the N-Largo is on the track with some of its peers and the difference is plain for all to hear.

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