This Striking MSO P1 Is Ready To Take Toronto

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One-off beauty is 903 shades of beautiful.

While it doesn't take much effort to grab our attention with a McLaren of any sort, least of all a brand-new 903 horsepower P1 arriving at its new home, the pictures of this magnificent beauty were just too much to keep to ourselves. Posted by Pfaff McLaren in Toronto, this singular hypercar has a paint job that we absolutely love. The car was completed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), and is of course equipped with some exclusive elements that will make one owner a very happy man.

The silver P1 has been given splashes of red on the mirrors and rear wings, in addition to a matching stripe running along the front bumper. With its red brake calipers, the silver-suited P1 is perfectly matched and ready to put on a show. Further options added to this model include carbon-fiber side skirts, a front splitter, bumper and door panels. Finally, matte black wheels wrap up the look. No information was provided as to performance upgrades, but we can imagine that the car's factory-spec 903 horsepower should be enough to keep the new owner smiling for quite some time.

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