This Stunning Coupe Is Hyundai's Ticket Into Pebble Beach

Previewing the company's quiet and elegant upmarket blitz.

Beatingthe rush by a few days, Hyundai has just unveiled the HCD-16 Vision G CoupeConcept ahead of its official Pebble Beach debut. Taking the company furtherinto premium land, the Vision G Coupe Concept represents what Hyundai calls "'responsibleand respectful' luxury." According to its designer, Peter Schreyer, theconcept, which was designed in the company's California studio, represents "aDNA that balances design and performance with the idea that you don't need tobe over the top in terms of glitz and stereotypical luxury cues."

There are also some neat gimmicks. For example, the "valetdoor" – which opens the driver's side door when the driver approaches. Butmost importantly, the concept contains design cues that could be implemented inthe company's family of future premium products. It is highlighted by a longhood and high beltline. Inside, this design language carries on with an elegant interior with clear, simple design cues, a "slingshot-like" cabin, whichHyundai says makes the car seem in motion even when standing still and"speaks to the owner rather than the spectators." The "Vision G" is powered by an enhanced version of Equus and Genesis'5.0-liter Tau V8, producing 420 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque.

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