This Stunning Ferrari Up For Sale May Be The Most Well-Preserved Enzo Ever

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It's as if this Ferrari is fresh out of a time capsule.

The Ferrari Enzo cost $670,000 when it was new, but this latest Enzo to go on sale is starting at $2.5 million. This particular 2007 Ferrari is for sale in the UK and has gained so much value in part because it is the last of the 24 Ferraris to be delivered to the UK. The Enzo must have been kept as an art exhibit because it has 137 miles on the clock and that was only for the pre-delivery inspection. Every inspection and servicing appointment after that the car was shipped to Ferrari and back.

As a result, this may just be the most well-preserved example of a Ferrari Enzo, unlike some other examples. The car dealership that is selling the Enzo claims it's the best Enzo you can buy in the entire world; after all it's practically in the exact same condition as the day it rolled out of Modena, Italy. For the $2.5 million you'll pay for this mummified Enzo you get the standard Ferrari Rosso Corsa red paint, a black leather interior with RaceTech inserts and red stitching, authenticity certifications, a luggage set, collectors' items, and even an unopened Enzo car cover. There is something nice about preserving a piece of history, but at the same time its sad that this amazing car has hardly seen any road.

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