This Subaru STI-Powered Volkswagen Beetle Needs A New Home

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Eat your heart out, Herbie.

The Volkswagen Beetle has some racing pedigree in the classic Herbie series, but in reality the humble Bug isn't renowned for its performance. Originally, this Beetle listed for sale on eBay produced a modest 40 horsepower. It started life as a stock 1965 German-spec Type 1 before it was imported into the US and purchased in 2004 by its current owner. Since then, it's been thoroughly restored and, with the help of Radium Engineering, transformed into a beastly Beetle that now pumps out a more hair-raising 305 hp.

A two-part video shows just how painstaking the restoration process was. As the seller states in the listing, "not one bolt was left unaltered," and there are "too many performance upgrades to list." The original 40-horsepower engine was replaced with a 305-hp, four-cylinder turbocharged unit from a Subaru Impreza WRX STI.

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To handle all that extra power, the brakes and suspension were also upgraded. The alloy wheels are Porsche Fuchs, and the headlights are also taken from a Porsche. Inside, the Porsche influence continues where you'll find a 993 tachometer replacing the original speedometer, along with a rollcage.

Despite the raft of upgrades, the deceptively restrained design stays faithful to the original 1963 Beetle it's based on, although the ride height has been significantly lowered. Since the project was completed in 2013, the Subaru-powered Beetle has clocked less than 1,000 miles. At the time of writing, the current bid stands at $16,700, but expect that figure to rise as there are still five days left before the auction ends. Eat your heart out, Herbie.

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