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This Subaru WRX Stunt Car Is Actually Backwards

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It was used in the chase scene in the hit spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The Subaru WRX is becoming a popular choice for a getaway car in Hollywood films. Last year, it featured in Baby Driver's jaw-dropping opening car chase. If you're a fan of the film like we are, one of the rear-wheel drive stunt cars used in the movie is also going up for auction soon. However, it isn't the only Hollywood-modified Subaru WRX up for sale, because one of the stunt cars used in the hit 2014 spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service is also looking for a home.

If you've never seen Kingsman, Taron Egerton's character Eggsy steals someone's Subaru WRX after having an argument in a bar and leads police on a high-speed chase. The twist is that the car is driven in reverse during the entire chase scene, while narrowly avoiding cars, buses and lamp posts. Behind the wheel was legendary stunt driver and Top Gear's former Stig Ben Collins. It looks like an impressive piece of reverse driving, but photos of the stunt car reveal how some movie magic created this illusion.

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On the outside, it looks like any other UK-spec Subaru Impreza Hawkeye WRX STi. You'll be in for a surprise when you open the trunk though, as this is where the engine is located. No, it's not rear-engined – the body was simply cut off, flipped 180 degrees, and reattached. There are also two separate steering wheels, with one in the normal UK right-hand position and the other in the rear passenger side seat. Two other Imprezas were used to shoot the chase scene, but the one for sale is the main one that appeared on screen. The engine was also upgraded with Cosworth head gaskets and RCM headers, and a rollcage was installed for added safety.

Don't expect Hollywood stunt cars to be in immaculate condition. This Subaru has clearly endured a lot of punishment as the seller says the yellow paint is dirty and peeling off in places. It's also clocked up 67,000 miles on the odometer. The car doesn't start with a key either, but the seller says they managed to bump start it and it ran fine. If you want to own this interesting piece of automotive film memorabilia, it's currently listed for sale on eBay for £5,950 (around $7,605). Just imagine the looks you would get from confused onlookers if you drove it "backwards" on the street.