This Super-Secret White Porsche Collection Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

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This is what heaven must look like to Porsche enthusiasts.

Tucked away in a top-secret location somewhere in the US is hands-down one of the most impressive collection of low-mileage Porsches on the planet. As you'll see in the video uploaded by Porsche Club of America, what immediately makes this exquisite collection unique is that everything is white. All the cars are white, the building is white, the walls are white, the floors are white, and even the furniture is, you guessed it, white. For passionate Porsche enthusiasts, this is what heaven must like.

Porsche Club of America describes it as one of the largest and most secretive Porsche collections in the world. Anyone who enters the building must either wear socks to walk on the white floor, or cover shoes in protective white booties before granted entry. Cell phones also aren't permitted – you'll be asked to drop it in a bucket, which, naturally, is also white.

In total, the White Collection includes 65 pristine Porsches spanning every generation, but that number is "constantly changing and usually going up.". Among the highlights in the collection include the groundbreaking 959 that fought the Ferrari F40, as well as the Carrera GT and 918 Spyder, which represent the fastest supercars Porsche has ever made. The evolution of the 911 is also well-represented, ranging from 911 RS models from the 1970s, to the last air-cooled model in 1996, right up to the latest 911 GT3 RS.

Head upstairs, and you'll find an extensive library of Porsche documents including original parts lists and workshop manuals. There's also an impressive collection of Porsche memorabilia on the same floor such as 1950s luggage sets, wine bottles, bicycles, posters, and clothing.

The garage even functions as a living quarters. In the video, caretaker Carl Bauer says he lives there for three weeks maintaining the collection. Just imagine waking up to the heavenly sight of 65 gleaming white Porsches every day.

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