This Supercar Gathering In Japan Is An Awe-Inspiring Spectacle


Which of these customized supercars catches your eye the most?

Imported exotics are a surprisingly rare breed in Japan. It's safe to say that this expensive gathering of supercars in Tokyo, with a combined worth of $10 million, must have turned a few heads. A video posted by Barcroft Cars shows a plethora of lavish Lamborghinis being paraded around the streets of Tokyo. Car enthusiast Steve Feldman, who travels around Japan attending meetups like these, documented the annual event, which hosted a special gathering of rare anniversary models, roadsters and classics from the manufacturer’s history.

Gallardos, Diablos, Murcielagos and Aventadors were all present. A few Ferraris can be found too. You can spot some 458s, a Dino 246 and a 456 GT lurking around. The majority of supercars shown in the video weren’t left in stock condition, either. That would be considered too boring in Japan.

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Exuberant customization is a staple of Japanese car culture, so we get to see some very eye-catching designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a Need for Speed video game or a Fast and Furious movie. One notable Murcielago was kitted out in bright orange with 24-karat gold decals, while others were personalized with flashy LEDs, neon and chrome fittings. Which customized car caught your eye the most?