This Supercar Meetup Had One Rule: Lamborghini Aventadors Only

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We won't complain about the lack of variety here.

This bold display of Italian exotics may not be very diverse in terms of makes or even models. However, when the brand in question is Lamborghini, and the model in question is the iconic Aventador, we don't see a whole lot to criticize here. This particular gathering of supercars was sponsored by Lamborghini Newport Beach. This dealership has kept pretty busy staging ostentatious displays like this in the past, but this newest gathering of supercars might be the most stunning so far. It includes over a few dozen Aventadors of many different colors.

If the goal was essentially to flood the streets of Laguna Beach, California, with head-turning masterpieces of Italian engineering and craftsmanship, then it looks like the event was a success. Cruising around the California coast as part of a convoy of Aventadors sounds like a dream come true. Check out the photos to see for yourself.

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