This Survey Predicts Who You'll Vote For Based On What You Drive

Unsurprisingly Trump supporters drive American.

Cartalksurveyed 10,000 people to find out how their choice of car might influencetheir decision of which presidential candidate to vote for. Not directlythough, of course. Before we go ahead with this, it’s important to note thatthe end results really don’t prove or guarantee anything, so with that in mindtake it easy and don’t get offended. Interestingly enough, Bernie Sanders andHilary Clinton received a majority of the votes by a considerable margin. The results are broken down into subcategories, first by which car brands belong to which candidates.

Then it breaks down into models, and then takes the top three models that were part of the survey and which candidates they belong to. The top three models were the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. It’s a pretty straightforward survey, and while it might not be accurate it’s still a lot of fun to check out. Just to give you an idea of what kind of results this survey churned out, Trump voters are more likely to own trucks and American cars, while Clinton got a lot of votes from upscale Japanese brands, like Lexus and Acura. The results seem all over the place though, as Trump falls into the Accord category while Sanders and Clinton are with the Camry.

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