This Suzuki Jimny Mini Monster Truck Was Built By Students

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The quality of work is outstanding.

The Suzuki Jimny has often been described as a scaled-down version of the Jeep Wrangler. With boxy looks, astonishing ability off-road, and a no-frills approach to interior appointments, calling it a Japanese Jeep seems like a fair appraisal. But what if you don't want a small Jeep? What if the three-door Jimny just isn't spacious enough for you? Well, Suzuki has finally approved a five-door model after fans of the moniker begged for it, but if even that will be too tame for your tastes, then the monster you see below should satisfy them. Presented at the recent 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, this is a school project like few others.

nats_castomize_arita/Instagram nats_castomize_arita/Instagram nats_castomize_arita/Instagram

The build was brought to life by a group of students from the Nihon Automobile College, who chopped up their teacher's Jimny to make this possible, reports Autocar Japan. The eight students were presented with the vehicle and the brief of making it a five-door, but the rest was basically left up to them.

As you can imagine, this took a lot more effort than simply cutting a door-shaped hole into the rear of the crossover, and the body and roof needed to be extended behind the B-pillar. Then came the lifted suspension, winch, external roll cage with roof rack and tent, and the LED lighting upgrades. Speakers were also fitted to the tailgate to make this a fantastic overlanding adventure partner.

nats_castomize_arita/Instagram nats_castomize_arita/Instagram nats_castomize_arita/Instagram

What's even more impressive than the quality of the build is the time frame in which it was completed. The students received the assignment in October yet completed it in time for this month's recent Tokyo Auto Salon extravaganza. As you can imagine, a lot of after-hours work was put in and the student in charge of the interior reportedly completed working on some of the parts at school and brought them to the show to fit them to the car. That kind of dedication helped the team present a remarkable exhibit that we would be happy to own. Perhaps a stretched and lifted Jimny would fit in better on American roads than the three-door original. Fingers crossed that Suzuki sees it that way.

nats_castomize_arita/Instagram nats_castomize_arita/Instagram nats_castomize_arita/Instagram nats_castomize_arita/Instagram
Source Credits: Autocar

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