This Technology Could Send Cars Back In Time In The Best Way Possible

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Do people call you "Uncle Moneybags?" Then listen to this.

Electric cars seem like the wave of the future, but could electric car technology actually bring the ancient art of coachbuilding back into the 21st century? That seems to be what some are proposing due to Tesla's old school chassis setup. Coachbuilding was what the extremely rich did back when most cars were built using body-on-frame chassis. Essentially, an automaker would sell a chassis and a customer would hire a coachbuilding shop to design a completely customized car to be placed onto the chassis.

This level of customization far outdoes anything that luxury automakers like Bentley and Rolls-Royce offer because nowadays, most cars are built with unibody frames. However, Tesla's rigid battery and electric motor chassis combination could theoretically offer custom coachbuilders a platform that could hold a custom built car. Everything from the body to the interior could be customized to customer's specifications. Having a completely unique car to boast could be the newest way for wealthy clients to brag about their rides given the luxury car market boom. With the P90D's motors making 762 horsepower, more than even the most powerful Bentley, no rich customer will be left wanting more.

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