This Teenager Bought A Tesla Model S By Hustling The Stock Market

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What were you doing at 17?

What is it about the Tesla Model S that attracts young go-hards? There was that 16-year-old who made his monthly Model S payments by starting a transportation business, the Tesloop, and now we have this story of a teenager who bought his own Tesla by playing the stock market. The story of James Lanka was posted on the Tesla blog. Lanka is only 17 but he has been trading stocks since the age of 12. Now he didn't grow up wanting to be a day trader. He actually got into stocks by accident.

Lanka writes that he suffered a serious soccer injury at the age of 12 that left his leg in a cast. He googled "how to get rich" and eventually ended up reading about Warren Buffet and his value stock plays. He did some more research and after much convincing his parents agreed to let him open an E-Trade account. Lanka dumped his entire life savings into Tesla and Solar City stock. This was back in 2013. In January of 2013 Tesla was selling for $37.51 a share and it closed the year at $150.43. Solar City opened the year at $14.62 and closed at $56.82. Lanka's mom eventually funded an account for him to continue trading.

By April 2015 he had made enough money to buy a $100,000 Model S. That month Tesla closed at $226.05 a share and Solar City was at $60.05 a share. Lanka's stock market success should provide a beacon of hope for all those who never think they'll get behind the wheel of their dream car. If a 17-year-old kid can figure it out then so can you.

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