This Teenager Has Balls Of Steel For Driving An F1 Car In The Snow

F1 rookie Max Verstappen knows how to drive millions of dollars in the snow.

Sometimes when an F1 team owner has a racecar worth tens ofmillions (in materials not including R&D) and it’s the off-season betweentesting, they start twiddling their thumbs and deciding what to do with theirtime. Mostly that involves shooting spit wads at ideas written on a chalkboard. Some of them arebad, but some of them clearly are brilliant. Case in point: If you have an F1car sitting around collecting dust, why not throw some chains on it and driveit up a snowy mountain? That question should be answered by a resounding "hell yeah."

The next thing to ask is who to put in the driver’s seat. Who else besides the youngest driver in F1 history? Although Scuderia Torro Rosso’s Max Verstappen clocks in at 18 years old currently, he started his F1 career at the ripe age of 17. After this stunt in the snow, Duke Nukem would surely say Verstappen has balls of steel.

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