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This Tesla Hearse Is The Worst Way To Spend $200,000

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Ride to your resting place in electric silence.

Woody Allen once wrote that "All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we choose to distort it." Like the guy or not, he's right. Eventually, our time will run out and we'll be heading somewhere else, according to one's beliefs. But wouldn't it be cool to have one last "road trip", so to speak? You know, make your final journey in a totally unique vehicle that will also spark conversation from those who came to pay you their final respects? Well, now you can, but it's not exactly cheap.

This Tesla Model S has been heavily modified into a hearse and now it's up for sale on the Norwegian website Finn. The price tag? SEK 1,999,000, which is the equivalent of $207,500.

Described in the listing as a "Tesla Model S specially built as a funeral car, launda version with 5 doors mirror adapted to Norwegian condition," the vehicle originally began life as a 2018 Model S and it has a total of only 621 miles on its odometer. Driving from funeral homes to cemeteries isn't exactly what we would consider being a high mileage journey.

The modifications, which we must admit are extremely impressive, were done by Jan Erik Naley, whose specialty is in converting vehicles into hearses. Hey, we should all have a unique set of skills. Naley claims he's already built three Tesla hearses.

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The work involved required ripping out the interior behind the front seats, and major exterior fabrication that included increasing the Tesla's length by about 32.5 inches. Note: all hearse builders must find a donor car, and the required modification work is never cheap.

Considering a Tesla Model S already has a starting price of $85,000, topping out at around $120,000, it's no surprise this hearse has swelled to over $200k. But hey, look on the bright side. Whichever funeral home buys it will save a lot of money on gas.