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This Tesla Roadster Could Be The Mazda Miata's Worst Nightmare

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Tesla would have to build it first, of course.

Tesla has made the business decision, which we think is the correct one, to go all-out with its second-generation Roadster. The original Roadster, which also happened to be the first Tesla production model, was loosely based on a Lotus setup but equipped with electrified guts. The automaker's design department has come a long way since then. But has it occurred to anyone that Tesla is also not taking advantage of yet another segment, though it is quite niche. It's got its sedans and crossovers sorted out. A pickup truck will arrive shortly. Heck, there's even a semi-truck.

The niche segment we're referring to is the small two-seat roadster. The Mazda MX-5 Miata is currently that car, but there are no plans to fully electrify it.

Could Tesla perhaps fill this void? Easily, assuming it would want to, and now design rendering artist Lem Bingley, via Twitter, has made an excellent attempt to depict what that roadster could look like. Think of this as the so-called "Mazda Miata" of EVs. And no, it wouldn't cost (hypothetically) anywhere near the 2021 Roadster's $200,000+ sticker price. What we like about these rendered images is that the styling comes directly from the Model 3, and then plastered onto Miata-like proportions.

And guess what? It works pretty darn well. On the one hand, the styling is somewhat conservative in that it doesn't break any new ground but we like it anyway. In fact, a small two-seat electrified roadster could be an amazing driver's car.

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Think about it. It'd have a low center of gravity because of its battery placement, making it fairly simple for engineers to executive a near-perfect 50/50 weight balance. Of course, the long hood is mainly for show because there's no internal combustion engineer underneath. But the silhouette of that long hood and short rear deck, top up for down, is quite enticing.

So if anyone from Tesla happens to see these renderings, please pass them on to Elon. Somebody needs to make an affordable EV roadster like this happen.