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This Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept Is The Off-Road Adult Toy


The type of "adult toy" you can drive, let's be clear.

Toyota and Tonka toys have partnered up in an effort to build what's essentially "a full-size dream toy for adults." Their words. Based off the Toyota Hilux pickup truck which isn't sold in the US, the Hilux Tonka Concept, courtesy of Toyota of Australia, is an "impressive rock-crawling truck that combines the enviable reputations for toughness and durability that dominate the Toyota and Tonka DNAs." The Hilux, as many of you already know, is an extremely popular pickup truck sold throughout the world, just not in North America.

In fact, more than 16 million have been sold globally, and it's also become the go-to truck for terrorist organizations such as ISIS. But this concept isn't intended for ISIS. Painted black and yellow, the concept is based off the top-of-the-range Hilux SR5, which comes powered by a 2.8-liter turbo diesel with grunt going to all four wheels.

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Speaking of which, those wheels are massive, measuring at 35-inches. The concept's ground clearance has been boosted by six inches and there are newly added high-riding axles and a heavy-duty suspension. The exterior has also been beefed up thanks to a new front bar with integrated high-performance LED lighting. The roof pod offers "excellent night vision for off-road trails," while the hood has a carbon fiber skin, an aggressive power bulge and air scoops. Out back there's a new carbon fiber-wrapped tailgate as well as an integrated spoiler and two air vents for improved airflow. So what's the point of this insanely cool concept?

Turns out Australians have had a love affair with the Hilux since 1968 with more than 920,000 examples sold since. 2016 was also an outstanding year for the Hilux in Australia because it was the first non-passenger car to become the best-selling vehicle in the country. As for America, we still have two solid Toyota pickups to choose from, the Tacoma and Tundra. Still, we certainly wouldn't mind having the Hilux as well.