This Toyota Supra Shooting Brake Needs To Get Built

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Or is it just too odd?

Toyota has a pretty nice arrangement with BMW right now. The two automakers partnered together to build a sports car with Toyota getting a coupe version, and BMW getting a convertible. As part of the agreement, the Toyota Supra will never be offered as a convertible and the BMW Z4 will never be offered as a coupe (sorry Z4 M Coupe fans). But what about a shooting brake?

A classic shooting brake is a two-door car with a wagon-style rear end (think of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso or the old BMW Z3 M Coupe). While we highly doubt BMW or Toyota would ever venture into this segment, rendering artists have imagined what such a creation could look like. Even though the BMW seems like the more likely candidate for a shooting brake version (because BMW has done it before), a rendering artist called Sugar Chow has imagined what a Supra Wagon might look like.

The Chinese artist is a self-described "car design amateur" but what he has created here is rather unique. Taking the Gazoo Racing Supra as a base, Chow grafted on a wagon-style rear end while still retaining the car's taillight and lower rear-end design. The result is a Supra that would likely have more available storage space than the standard car, which offers 9.8 cubic feet.

The standard Supra wears a built-in ducktail spoiler at the back but this wagon variant has a pop-up wing that lifts off the rear end. A secondary roof spoiler has been added as well. You may also spot a new set of wheels with a black and bronze finish that matches the orange exterior of the car. Toyota does not currently offer the Supra with orange paint but the car is set to appear in an upcoming 'Fast & Furious' movie, where it will wear the classic orange and black paint scheme used on Han's Mazda RX7.

As another interesting touch, the Supra Wagon features side-view mirrors mounted on the hood instead of the A-pillars. This is likely a nod to the original Mk1 Supra, which had similar mirrors on the JDM models. There is absolutely no chance that Toyota would put this into production but it's fun to dream.

Source Credits: Sugar Chow

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