This Transformers 5 Prop Is Literally Just A Car Built To Destroy Other Cars


It could also double as the ultimate apocalypse escape vehicle.

The relationship between Hollywood and gearheads has always been a good one since after all, other than the big screen, there aren't any other places where some of our wildest automotive fantasies can come to life. Just ask any child who wanted their own Bumblebee to drive around and go on adventures with. While some low-budget films have to resort to faking cool vehicles to make movies, the Transformers series has a budget about as large as Cybertron.

For Michael Bay, nothing less than huge fiery explosions and dramatic metal on metal contact as two robots duke it out will do.

To help make things a big more realistic (since, you know, Transformers is as rational as it gets), Bay uses a little automotive device he likes to call the Baybuster. It's a sight to behold even though it's little more than a large powerful vehicle with a giant ramp attached to the front. To make Bumblebee's getaway scenes a bit more dramatic, Bay employs the Baybuster to literally sweep cars off their feet by driving the wedge-shaped machine at them going fast. A bit of preplanned pyrotechnics completes the show as the cars flip to their ultimate demise. A toy like that is one we wouldn't mind adding to our collection of toys for the apocalypse, but hey, what did we just say about automotive fantasies?

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