This Tribute To The Ferrari FXX K Will Make You Wish You Were A Millionaire

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Also we now know that owners of a multi-million dollar car wear quarter-million dollar watches.

It's striking to make the realization that cars, especially supercars, are massive cash cows. It isn't just the automakers that reap a living from them either, the auto industry employs hundreds of thousands of people, from construction workers on the side of the road to us lowly writers, none of which would be working if it wasn't for the automobile. And then, you get to some of the more marginal car-related lines of businesses such as watch making. Most of us gave up on the novelty watches years ago, but not rich people.

We've never understood the connection between high-priced cars and pristine watches, but then again we'd probably have to own a few supercars to understand.

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For those that do get it, watchmaker Hublot has teamed up with Ferrari to release a special edition timepiece called the MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire. Apparently, Hublot thought that by making an expensive watch (this particular watch costs around $250,000) and naming it after a car, that it is somehow more special. However, given that the watch costs as much as a brand new Ferrari 488 GTB, we can see why LaFerrari owners would wear the watch on their wrists, if anything to put owners of lesser Ferraris to shame. In this video, we see the Ferrari FXX K pulling off some impressive acrobatics to "inspire" the creation of this watch. We'd rather take the LaFerrari, buy a 488 GTB to compliment, and check the time on our phones like a normal person.

In case the video has turned you into a watch aficionado, here is some behind the scenes action on how car and timepiece came together into one video.

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