This Tuned 550-HP M4 Is One Of The Best Sounding BMWs Around

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A 550 hp conversion with an Akrapovic exhaust is wicked.

German tuner Manhart has tinkered with quite a few different cars, but this M4 with a Stage 3 conversion that was recently spotted at the Nurburgring looks good and sounds quite epic. When the M4 was released Manhart was one of the first to offer performance upgrades for it. On the engine side of things some special software and new pipework take the power up to 550 hp (hence the name of the package) from the stock 425 horses. What they didn't originally say is that there would only be five of these conversions done, which makes seeing one a rarity.

In the video we see an obviously well-hammered M4 thanks to the layer of bug parts splattered across the front. One thing to note is that this MH4 550 has swapped over to an Akrapovic exhaust and the result is eargasmic.

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We'd love to see the car at full tilt, but the short video shows just enough to know that the car means business. That sound is just right for a car like this. Manhart didn't just sort out the engine side. They also added a new kidney grille, new side skirts as well as a new rear diffuser, in carbon fiber of course. The best bit is the trunk-lid spoiler that gives it a more CSL-y look. The Manhart wheels that barely cover the upgraded brakes are also noteworthy. They should have made more than five of these because they have it all: the looks, the power and most importantly, that awesome 550 hp on tap.

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