This Tuned Porsche 911 Is The Perfect Mix Between A GT3 RS And A Turbo

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This car is seriously aggressive and we love it.

There are many tuning companies that take the Porsche 911 and make it even more special. The variant that most companies like to tune is the Turbo because it has so much potential for more horsepower. Topcar has just unveiled its latest version of the 991 Turbo S called the Stinger GTR. The Stinger is unique because it doesn't just focus on giving the 911 more power. Even though the Turbo S is arguably the king of the 911 lineup, some people do prefer the hardcore looks of the GT3 RS. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

The 911 Turbo is more of a grand tourer while the GT3 RS is a track-weapon. The Stinger GTR takes the AWD power of the 911 Turbo S and adds in the awesome aero features from the GT3 RS. The car features a new body kit that even comes with the GT3 RS's air extractors over the front wheels. All of these components are made from vacuum-formed carbon fiber that is exposed for a more extreme look. The Stinger GTR pictured here rides on ADV.1 wheels with new brakes and a new exhaust system. The car has been tuned from 580 to 750 horsepower, so this car should be able to embarrass most other cars at the drag strip.

Sometimes, we are hesitant when a tuning company decides to build something that is already such a good car. In this case, we really like the results and would love to see more of these on the road. Until Porsche reveals the new GT2 RS, the Topcar Stinger GTR is the closest thing you can get to a turbocharged GT 911.

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