This Tuner Allows Audi S3 Owners To Get A 400 HP RS3 Before It's On Sale

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ABT can be a one-stop shop if you have the cash.

Audi's S3 is a wicked compact sedan that has every feature you can think of, and most importantly, it also has that 310 horsepower turbo lump that makes 295 lb-ft of torque. Unless you're in the States and you get the slightly detuned version that makes 292 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. While owners of the S3 had cars so new the transportation protection film still needed peeling off, Audi pulled out the RS3 version with a 400 horsepower 5-potter. We'd be upset at that, and would want more from the S3.

Luckily the S3 owners don't have to sell up and take a bath with the bank to get extra power, there are a few tuners who offer upgrade packages to make cheated owners feel better. One such tuner is the German-based ABT. It has a great new package that won't break the bank too much, and the results are close enough to what the RS3 offers for it to be a good idea. With an ABT Power ECU flash, an ABT sports-style catalytic converter and a full stainless steel exhaust system (ending in four black chrome tailpipes) the tuner raises the S3's output to 400 hp and 326 lb-ft of torque - bang on par with the RS3. Of course owners should refrain from picking on RS3s on the streets, they may also be tuned, and that could suck.

To go with the power upgrade package ABT also offers some visual options too, like a full range of lightweight wheels that are available in 18-, 19, and 20-inches with a choice of either Dunlop or Continental high performance tires. It also has some things to help improve the already great handling of the all-wheel drive Audi in the form of an anti-rollbar kit for the front and rear of the suspension setup. There's no pricing available as yet, but you can expect it to cost a few bucks. While the tuner is based in Germany, we do have ABT Sportline in California, so these upgrades will surely be available to those S3 owners who would have preferred the RS3 but couldn't wait for the release.

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