This Turbine-Powered Racecar Is The Only One Of Its Kind To Win A Race

Insane racecar went head to head against the Ford GT40.

Back in 1968, race teams were worrying about the same thingthat current race teams are concerned with: trying to find a way to get aheadof the competition and downsizing engines. This incredible Howmet TX was anexperimental racecar that featured a turbine engine and went up against thebest from Ferrari, Porsche and Ford. A talented team of engineers managed to stuffthis racecar with a turbine engine that produced more than 350 hp and 650lb.ft of torque that revved out to an inspiring 65,000 rpm.

To help describe the racecar’s intricacies and ingenious ideas,Petrolicious managed to get one of the Howmet TX’s engineers as a guide. Nothingmade the same noise as the Howmet TX and nothing carved up a track like oneeither.

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