This Turbocharged Drag Jeep Could Be The Fastest In The World

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Imagine charging onto the WWII battlefield in a Willys with that kind of power.

In racing, winning is what happens when you undergo a grueling test of skill and guts, manipulating mechanical parts while knowing that mistakes cost anything from your pride to your life, just to cross the finish line faster than the other guy. As James Hunt famously said, "don't go to men who are willing to kill themselves driving in circles looking for normality." One thing Hunt forgot to mention is that the community of car loves can do things a lot stranger than driving in circles.

A perfect example is this man, who took a Jeep and stuffed 6.55-liter Ford V8 under the hood and didn't stop modifying until an 88mm turbocharger was in place to help the engine breathe. Instead of driving in circles, this Jeep is meant to go in a straight line, really really fast.

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Sure, going 140 mph in a McLaren 650S or Lexus GS-F is one thing, but making a similar run in a bare bones Jeep with no top, creature comforts, and only a roll cage standing between you and any objects that could penetrate into the cabin is another experience entirely. As we can see after just a few runs, this Jeep puts down more than enough power to lift its front wheels in the air, but when looking towards the rear, we notice a lack of wheelie bars on the car, proving that this driver is of the badass variety. In this case, whether you have the guts to drive this car or not, what's required is skill and experience. See for yourself by watching the Jeep's maiden voyage at South Georgia Motorsports Park during Lights Out 8.

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